How to wean puppy dogs?

Once the bitch is fully recovered from birth and is feeding her puppy dogs, it is time to start introducing solid food to the puppies.

There are some guidelines for weaning the puppy dogs and we’ll tell you about them today in our blog:

At 3 or 4 weeks of age, a supplement of solid food must be introduced in the diet. The puppy should be fed with a good quality dry food specifically designed for puppies. The food must be soaked into a small quantity of hot water which allows it to become soft and easily chewed.

Cow’s milk should not be used to prepare that pap as it has a high content in lactose and might cause diarrhoea.

Do not feed the puppy with home prepared food. Even though the ingredients in these diets have a high nutritional value, home diets are usually unbalanced and incomplete from a nutritional point of view. Therefore, its use must be avoided unless its exact composition in nutrients is known.

The pap should be served on a saucer accessible for the puppies and should be served several times a day.

Food must be removed after 20-30 minutes.

In the beginning they won’t eat too much and mother’s milk will still be the main feeding source for the litter. However, at 5 weeks of age, puppies must be eating the soft diet.

From week 5 or 6 puppies can start chewing dry food.

Usually, weaning ends at 6 weeks of age, although some bitches allow their puppies to keep on suckling until week 7-8.

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